Let’s Begin
Uncategorized / August 31, 2018

A learning tool on the elementary level of competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Without presupposing any knowledge of basic grammar and speaking skills, the text uses contemporary short dialogues and readings to build vocabulary, strengthen reading and writing ability, practice conversational skills, and develop cultural appreciation. Recordings of native speakers will be available for this volume Recording of native speakers will be available for this volume. Click here. Phase Zero Plus: Let’s Begin • $19.50 • 326pp. • ISBN: 978-0935437-30-0

Let’s Converse
Uncategorized / August 29, 2018

Emphasizing oral mastery of the language by thinking comprehensively and creatively in English, students will develop confidence and fluency through a number of contemporary dialogues. The text teaches pronunciation, grammar, and conversational skills by utilizing everyday language patterns. Recordings of native speakers are available for this volume. Recording of native speakers will be available for this volume. Click here. Phase One: Let’s Converse • $19.50 • 274pp. • ISBN: 978-0935437-31-7

Let’s Read
Uncategorized / August 27, 2018

An introductory reader, Let’s Read assumes a basic knowledge of spoken English. By practicing verbal and silent reading, students master words and meanings contextually as well as through rapid recognition. Narratives dealing with everyday situations, expressed in every day words and phrases, are accompanied by pictographs and arranged according to context, such that the reader can build upon recurring grammatical and syntactical structures. Phase Two: Let’s Read • $19.50 • 342pp. • ISBN: 978-0935437-32-0

Let’s Write
Uncategorized / August 26, 2018

As a text for a basic course in writing and composition for ESL students, Let’s Write bridges the vocabularies of reading and speaking with a third-the writing vocabulary. In addition to reinforcing already learned structures of reading and speaking, the text utilizes models of various composition types with commentary, all to promote the development of clear and concise writing habits. Phase Three: Let’s Write • $19.50 • 404pp. • ISBN: 978-0935437-29-4

Let’s Continue
Uncategorized / August 25, 2018

Moving a step beyond basic grammar and verb skills, this volume focuses on speech and writing expression with greater complexity. In addition to more writing, grammar, and vocabulary exercises, the text utilizes narratives of everyday occurrences, drawings, songs, and enrichment activities. Phase Four: Let’s Continue • $19.50 • 312pp. • ISBN: 978-0935437-34-8